The Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, the flag bearer of cosmetic education, has been at the forefront of disseminating knowledge to further the cause of education and mentoring our young clinicians. IAACD brings and nurtures smiles.

Our Mission

Every organization needs a purpose, the very ethos of its foundation, that says what it is, and a vision that describes what it wants to be. The purpose and the vision come together in the mission statement. We at IAACD have been at the forefront in imparting scientifically sound and ethically correct education to our members, whereby the entire fraternity, and in turn the general public at large, is benefited.

Our History

More than three decades ago, IAACD was founded with the principle objective of promoting and establishing the then relatively new concept of aesthetic dentistry. It was our founder president Dr. Sandesh Mayekar and a few of his colleagues who created this wonderful platform for passionate dentists in India to enhance their knowledge and to upgrade their skills to international standards of performance.

IAACD was successful in bringing the latest technology, techniques and protocols from all over the world to all of us and in carrying our name, fame and achievements in dentistry far and wide. Over the years, IAACD was instrumental in guiding general dentists, specialists and dental technicians in enhancing their aesthetic skills, broadening their horizons, bringing out the artists within and celebrating dentistry with passion as never before.

Stellar faculty from around the globe, namely Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. Ron Feinman, Dr. George Freedman, Dr. Fay Goldstep, Dr. Danny Fischer, Dr. Jeffrey-Golub Evans, Dr. Marty Abel, Dr. David Ouellet, Dr. T. Hobo, Dr. Peter Tay, Dr. Elliot Mechanic, Dr. Galip Gurel, Dr. Michael Miller, Dr. Irwin Smigel, Dr. Wolfgang Richter, Dr. Luca Dalloca, Dr. Tomohiro Takagaki, Dr. Stephan Lampl, Dr. Maria Csillag, Dr. Robert Lowe, Dr. Davide Farronato, Dr. Sam Omar and Dr. Josh Friedman are but a few who we have had the honour of hosting.

IAACD 2024 Team

Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna

Dr. Harsh Haren Shah

Dr. Ninal Shah


Dr. Trishla Kasliwal


Dr. Nida Khateeb

AssISTANT Editor
Dr. Amit Patodia

President Elect
Dr. Swarnjeet Singh Gambhir

Vice President
Dr. Deepak Mehta

Immediate Past President
Dr. Twinkle Jain

Joint Secretary